Additional information

Dutch law requires all creches, preschools and day care centers to show important legal information on its website. Here we show reports from the inspections by the GGD (Public Health Service), explain our complaints procedure and list information about our parents association.

Parents association

For the school year 2023/2024 we will be operating an Alternative PAC. As a small independent playschool we have in the past struggled to find a group of parents who are available to take on the duties required to form a Parents Association. Therefore The Childcare and Quality Pre-school Act dictates organisations like ours should provide a good framework for parental involvement. Parents should be well informed about their child’s development, changes within the organisation and the laws governing it. We also feel it is important to bring the parents and families of Little Europe together to create a supportive community especially for those who are new to the Netherlands.

Complaints procedure

We think it’s important that you are satisfied with the care and service at Little Europe. It is of course possible that you still have a complaint. Let us know and together we will try to find a solution. Becky and Elsbeth are always there to be your first points of contact. We are happy to announce that we never received any official complaint.  Below you can find the link to our complaints policy, a hard copy can also be found in our classroom.

GGD inspections

In Holland all creches, preschools and day care centers get inspections by the GGD (Public Health Service). They are expected to publish these on their websites. You can view the reports by clicking the pdf icon below.
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