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Unique childcare in Bergen (nh)

Little Europe offers affordable international childcare in the European School Bergen Nh. We welcome children between 2 and 4 years of age.

Little Europe is a special place where our small group of toddlers can feel at home in a rich multicultural environment. The children learn and play together in harmony under the inspiring leadership of two professional and experienced ladies.
Warm & Safe

Since 2013, Elisabeth and Becky are having fun together with a group of up to 16 children. They provide stability and a warm and safe environment in which the children are challenged both mentally and physically. Personal attention is given to each individual child.

Our theme based learning program offers children many ways of learning and practicing their developing skills. This includes stories, songs, craft activities, circle time discussions, creative play and little outings like going to feed the farm animals across the street.

Becky and Elisabeth are native speakers in English and Dutch and create a fun and stimulating weekly program where the children are immersed in both languages. The children who attend full time are usually proficient in one or both languages by the time they go to the nursery.

Our mission

Varied schedule

We use lots of music, song, rhyme, role-play and art activities in our daily routine. This is especially important for children who have varying degrees of language acquisition.

Positive attention

We always work with the same pedagogical staff and offer a stable and consistent place where all children can be happy and free!


We offer a cosy environment that is a warm and safe place away from home. With toys, books and music, celebrations reflecting the cultural diversity of the group.

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How we work

Little Europe is a unique International daycare/playschool in Bergen Nh near Alkmaar in the European School. We have a special dispensation to work in multiple languages. We offer structure, stimulation, care and warmth and we help them with all their needs. In this way we stimulate our children to feel safe and to be part of our cozy little play group.

Our daily routine

We follow a fixed daily routine for our morning sessions. This provides structure and stimulation and at the same time helps our children feel safe and part of the group. Young children can sometimes feel insecure if they do not know what is going to happen next. Because our children may not immediately understand the language that we are using, our signals are very important. That’s also why our staff support communication in Dutch, English or French with body language and song. Our daily routine supports the children’s developing sense of order and time. It is a routine in the sense that it follows a fixed order. It is not a rigid schedule. This gives the play leaders flexibility to respond to the needs of the group on any given day. For example, our daycare schedule is displayed on our classroom door with pictograms for the children to follow.

Our weekly schedule

Elisabeth and Becky take it in turns to personally plan appropriate theme based activities for each week at the childcare. Themes can be for example the weather & seasons, food, emotions (what makes you happy or sad?) or just colors and shapes. Our planning is rich with art based activities, song, stories, games, etc. It offers a range of opportunities to develop fine and gross motor skills, social, emotional and cognitive skills. The planning covers rhymes, songs, stories, films, daily activities and keywords we will work with for the theme of the week. Keywords are four important words for the week that we try help each child understand in their chosen language. Weekly themes also take important national and cultural events into account. Is there something from your own country or cultural background that you think would be nice to share? Please let us know and we will organise it!


Eating together is an important social event at Little Europe. Because most of our children come from a different background, they all bring their own healthy food for lunch where everyone sits together up at the big table. This is a wonderful time to start learning about table manners and develop language skills.
Our pedagogical plan

International childcare

Native speakers

We have native speaking, professional staff and offer a warm homely environment where cultural diversity is celebrated. We use lots of music, song, rhyme, role-play and art activities in our daily routine.

Nederlands, English, Français

As an international childcare, we have a special dispensation to operate in languages other than Dutch. We work with 3 main languages: English, Dutch and French. In discussion with parents we agree what language/languages they would like us to use with their child. Often the children are preparing for an education or future with one of the 3 languages above. We also take their home language into account and ask the parents to share keywords with us so that we can use to comfort them, this helps the children to settle in.

European School Bergen

We are very lucky to be able to share parts of The European School in Bergen Nh. This gives us access to a wonderful range of playgrounds and a well-equipped library. Our children see and hear school children of different nationalities around their classroom, speaking all these different languages! It is a vibrant atmosphere and we feel privileged to be a part of this special community. Although we are situated within the school, we remain two separate organisations.

What parents say

Angela & José
Adam & Luna
We are very happy with Little Europe! Elisabeth and Becky are warm and welcoming. My children have always felt safe and after two years they speak good English. I can only be positive and really can't imagine a better place for my kids!
Our Lizzy is having the best time of her life at Little Europe. Becky and Elisabeth are like family and taking really good care for the little ones. The cultural diversity is a big plus for us. Best choice!!
Mariane & Jérémy
Little Europe is wonderful place for kids to grow, learn, play and socialize. All in a super friendly and international environement. Our daughter Raphaëlle spent great moments with Elisabeth and Becky.

Our rates

Our fee is €10,95 an hour, which is comparable to other Dutch childcare providers. You may be eligible for child care benefit (kinderopvangtoeslag). This a contribution towards the costs of child care through the Dutch tax office. You can find more information about this on the website of the Dutch Tax Office.

Playschool Little Europe
KvK registratienummer 55567797

Opening hours

Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 08.45 to 16.15.

On Wednesday and Friday from 08.45 to 13.00

Children can attend from 08.45 -13.00 or 08.45 -16.15.
International Playschool Little Europe matches the opening hours and holiday calendar of The European School in Bergen.
For more information follow this link

Who we are

My name is Elisabeth and I am Dutch. To me it is a great joy to come to work every day and to be part of the lives of these great little people of the future. I love my job and working with Becky, we complement each other and I can assure you there is never a dull moment. Children / toddlers are just interesting and fun to be around, especially once their characters come out and they become more and more individuals with words to express themselves. A bit more about me... I am the mother of two big boys, I like art, music, nature, a good meal, a glass of wine, good company and a lot more. And of course my little dog Mol with whom I go for long walks in the beautiful surroundings of Bergen. That’s it for now xxx
My name is Becky, I've been working together with Elisabeth at Playschool Little Europe since 2013. Arriving from London in 2004 with my husband we soon realised that the Netherlands was fantastic place to raise our three children. The development of children at this age is truly astounding and I love dreaming up themes and activities that ignite their curiosity and creativity, it is the most rewarding job in the world! Apart from my work I enjoy spending time with my family, cooking, running and of course cycling.

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+31 (0)72 5890157

For an Application Form and further information regarding fees, tax, etc, please contact our

administrator at DebiCare:

E-mail: info@DebiCare.nl

Phone: 0180 555911 (from abroad: +31 180-555911)

More information

Dutch law requires all creches, preschools and day care centers to show important legal information on its website. Here we show reports from the inspections by the GGD (Public Health Service), explain our complaints procedure and list information about our parents association.

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